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David from Deltona, Fl writes

What can I use to get rid of Armadillos?

I live in FL. I have an Armadillo digging up my yard. What can I put down to deter them? I was told of a caster oil product called Whole Control. What do you suggest with out having to kill them?


You have a couple of different options in trying to get rid of the Armadillos. The ScareCrow Sprinkler Motion Activated Animal Deterrent can detect different sizes of animals just adjust the sensitivity knob according to the size of animal. Alternatively, you can try trapping the armadillos with a cage trap. The Tomahawk 108.1 would work well for this job. Fresh fruit can work to attract the animals into the trap but earthworms is the best known bait to attract armadillos. You can put the earthworms in a cup with a lid and lots of small holes or in a piece of panty hose in the back of the trap to stop them from escaping. Once the armadillo is trapped, you must decide what to do with the critter. You should contact your local animal control to see what the requirement is in your region. Some places require that the animal be destroyed and others require that they be released on private property. The caster oil product you are referring to is designed to repel moles. It coats the grubs and insects in the lawn that the animals are going after. While we can't tell you for certain if it will work, you could try it or any other Grub Control product on the lawn to see if it eliminates the food source they are going after.

Answer last updated on: 01/05/2014

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