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Craig from Moon Township, Pa writes

What do i use to do a treatment of a piece of furniture for wood insects/termites?

We have a piece of furniture brought in from Indonesia that we are not sure has a termite/wood pest concern. We would like to treat it to provide us assurance that there is no insect infestation. What would be the best product to use? It is 6ft tall, 2ft wide, 1ft deep. Appreciate your advice. Thanks


For furniture your options are limited for treatment. If the wood is in its all natural raw state without any stains or finishes on it you can use a product like Boracare. Boracare will absorb all the way into the wood and eliminate any infestation that is there and last for the life of the wood. It does not stain the wood or leave behind any visible residue, but becomes one with the wood and any insect that ingests it dies. If the furniture has a finish on it, you would either have to drill holes throughout it and inject something like the Boracare or a foam, or the option most go with, hire a company to fumigate it. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Answer last updated on: 09/10/2013

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