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Kaleb writes

What else can I use to get rid of fruit or phorid flies?

im using drain gels, clean air III, natural fruit fly traps, just trying to see what else i can be doing.


The first thing we recommend you do is get a positive identification on the insect you are trying to eliminate. Many of the tiny flying insects get misidentified by home or business owners which leads to ineffective treatment programs. You can contact your local cooperative extension office and request to speak to the entomologist on staff. The entomologist will instruct you on how to obtain a sample of the insect and send it to them. If, as you thought it is indeed fruit flies then you MUST find the source of the infestation. Look under stoves, refrigerators, counters and the like for spilled fruit juices or fruits. In commercial kitchens you should clean soda lines and drip pans in and under equipment. Performing a thorough sanitation should help eliminate the source of the infestation. Even the best products on the market cannot overcome poor sanitation. The products you purchased will help get rid of the flying adults but without finding the source of infestation you will continue to see new adults everyday. Also, the use of fly lights in commercial kitchens should help with most fly infestations.

Answer last updated on: 02/08/2012

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