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Bruce writes

What fungicide do you recommend to control Kabatina Tip Blight?

There is a fungus that attacks my Kabatina juniper. I need a fungicide to control it. The material needs to be applied in the fall.


The main product we sell for Kabatina Tip Blight and Phomopsis Tip Blight on junipers is Clearys 3336F Fungicide.  In addition to treating with Clearys, you should immediately stop all irrigation and watering in the area.  You should also not shear the junipers.  Treatment for Phomopsis tip blight should begin in early spring and continue at 10-14 day intervals. Spring treatments are not effective for Kabatina tip blight. Fungicide applications should begin in the fall for Kabatina tip blight.

Answer last updated on: 07/28/2011

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3336F Fungicide

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