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Janet writes

What happens to Boracare on painted wood?

I know Bonacare needs to be applied to raw wood to soak in. Lets say you had an enclosed eave (use to be an open it is painted; rafter tails, shiplap, fascia). Under the remodel the eave was sealed with more wood to make it an even slab and the attic vents were moved to underneath this slab. So now I have a wood tunnel that has been painted on the inside. The problem is attic vent screens are not sold to withstand critter entry, the holes are big enough for any bug to crawl in. I wanted to stick a sprayer inside the vent and spray Boracare everywhere. Would Boracare act as a seal on the painted wood? Lets say a termite crawls into the attic vent and wants to start eating into the painted wood, there would be a layer of dried Boracare on the wood right?


Boracare would just evaporate and degrade if left on painted surfaces and would not provide you with the kind of control you would need.

Answer last updated on: 07/30/2012

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