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Ian from Beavercreek Ohio writes

What is the best flea control for a half acre yard?

The last two years I have had a major flea problem in my yard. i have tried many of the major granules and sprays you can get at lowes or home depot with no luck. I have kids and a dog that I want to allow to play in my backyard again but these fleas need to be taken care of!


The products in our Outdoor Flea Kit are probably our most popular products for outdoors and will work for all insects including fleas.  It is safe to apply if kids and pets use the yard and at the same time very effective.  It is also safe enough for inside the home and is labeled for over 80 different pests. The kit includes 1 pint of Onslaught insecticide and 1 x 4 oz. bottle of Martins IGR to stop flea growth and reproduction.  We've included these products because they are easy to use, effective, and safe to use in your yard and inside the home. Both products are concentrated and need to be mixed with water before use.  You can apply the mixed solution with a pressurized hand-held sprayer or a hose-end sprayer.  This kit provides enough product to cover up to 1/2 acre yard.

Answer last updated on: 04/10/2013

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