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Lois from Ridgecrest, Ca writes

What is the best method for dealing with rodent damage to a car?

My car is parked outside, and I live out on a 2-1/2 acre lot. So far, the rodents have chewed through both headlight wires and the ignition wire on 3 separate occasions. I assume this damage has been caused by mice. Though, I do see rabbits sitting under the car for shade. Someone told me that rabbits have been known to chew wires as well. Is that true?


First, we would recommend trying to identify exactly what kind of animals are in the area. Usually you can identify animals most easily by their droppings. You can view our Mouse Inspection Guide here for assistance with signs of mouse activity. We would normally recommend using a combination of snap traps, glue boards, and/or live traps next to and even on top of the tires of the vehicle to catch the culprits. It is not unusual for small animals to hide under vehicles for shelter and warmth, especially in cooler weather. You could also try using a repellent around the vehicle such as Shake-Away Fox Urine Granules for rabbits. Just keep in mind that any repellents will have a strong odor. If you do see signs of mouse or rat activity, then you also could use bait in bait stations around any structures in the area to help control the population. Our Rodent Baiting Kit contains excellent bait and stations large enough for rats and mice.

Answer last updated on: 12/29/2015

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