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Dee from Quinlan, Tx writes

What is the best product to help eliminate spiders from neglected property including in trees?

I have just recently bought about 4 acres of land (no house) ,which is about 1/4 mile from a lake, which has not been kept up in a very long time. The grass, ivy, and bugs have had free reign during that time. I purchased the deltagard from you for the chiggers and other ground insects and it's worked great! There are MANY spiders on the land, both on the ground and in the trees. They literally land on you if you walk underneath the trees. I have access to a pressure washer to use to spray the trees (especially around the firepit and patio area). The 3 trees that I would be spraying are 100 year old oaks. I don't, however, want to hurt the trees or the birds. Do you have a liquid insecticide that I could use for this?


Talstar P would be a good choice to use outdoors to help control spiders. It is important to remember that Talstar P does not give an immediate knockdown but instead works over a period of several hours to kill spiders that have come into contact with the product. Talstar P will also help to get rid of the insects that spiders feed on and that will help to stop new spiders from moving in. You can spray the lawn, trees and other plants with Talstar P.

Answer last updated on: 07/03/2012

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