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Robbin writes

What is the best product to use for clothes moths?

I have a clothes moth problem, but I don't think it is the web type moth. I don't see any webs anywhere. Any ideas on what I should use?


You most likely do not see any webbing because you have not found the source of the infestation. Use a ProPest Clothes Moth Trap in the area to monitor if they are clothes moths.  If they are, then you should keep this product hanging to capture new ones and monitor the situation. You must find the source of the infestation (wool or other organic fabrics) and either clean it thoroughly or discard the infested item.  You should also use a crack and crevice aerosol to treat under and around baseboards and door frames where the larvae hang out.  We recommend using D-Force HPX Aerosol for treatment of these areas.

Answer last updated on: 08/12/2009

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