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Meg from Buffalo, Ny writes

What is the best product/combination to kill fleas in my home

I have bombed 3 times, used over the counter sprays and aerosols and still have fleas! No animals in the house (ran away) and live in NY.


We normally do not recommend bombing to treat for fleas. The reason being that when you bomb you are only killing the insects that come in contact with the active ingredient. You want to use products that will break down the life cycle of the fleas. We recommend using the Indoor Flea Kit. The Indoor Flea Kit with Alpine Aerosol and CimeXa dust treats over 2000 sq. ft. of space and is an excellent combination for long-lasting flea control. The kit contains two cans of Alpine Aerosol which is one of the safest professional grade flea sprays for use indoors and was recently classified as a reduced risk product by the EPA. It provides excellent control of fleas and contains an IGR as well, which prevents adult fleas from being able to lay eggs, eventually halting the flea reproductive cycle.  You'll also get two bottles of CimeXa Dust which is a safe, odorless, non-staining dust that is perfect for spreading on carpets, floor coverings, in cabinets, under furniture cushions, and other areas where fleas tend to harbor.  As fleas come into contact with CimeXa, the dust literally dries the fleas out causing eventual death.  These two products together create a powerful double punch providing excellent, safe and lasting indoor flea control.

Answer last updated on: 08/12/2013

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