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Bill from Denton, Maryland writes

What is the best termite treatment for a concrete block foundation and crawl space?

I have a rancher with a 4' crawl space that has been lined with heavy polyethylene and 2 sump pumps have been installed due to the high water table. They constantly de-water the foundation. The liner stops 3" to 4" from the floor sill inside the crawl space to allow for inspection and treatment. There doesn't appear to be a 'shield' on the top of the blocks. What would be the best product to use for termite treatment if I'm worried about odors in the house and I want a long-lasting treatment that is 'environmentally friendly'? Should the blocks be drilled inside with product flowed into the voids, or should there just be a ground treatment outside?


Termidor is the best product for termite treatments, hands down.  It is odorless, and not only that, but it is made to bond to the soil and it will not run off or leach through the soil, so it is perfect for treatments in wet conditions. on a crawl space house,  you would trench and treat around the exterior of the structure, and you also need to trench and treat around the piers under the crawl space.  As long as you are using Termidor, you are not required to treat the inside perimeter or inside the hollow block, but of course if you want to you can. 

Answer last updated on: 01/03/2012

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