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Chelsea from Lacey Spring's, Al writes

What is the best way to get rid of brown recluse?

I am scared to death of these. We just figured out that was the type of sipder we had been killing. It has got to the point I won't sleep there anymore. I am scared if I don't get them out and go back home they will take over the house. I have been going home and get rid of any extra junk and things laying around. I have a two year and so worried he will get bitten. We have found baby spiders so I think some just hatched. I have been reading and from reading reviews I thought that maybe this dust in the trim and the Demon envelopes you drop in water I think it said. Please let me know I will be waiting on your reply. Thank you so much.


Our Spider Control Kit is the best solution for any spiders, including brown recluse spiders.  The insecticide in the kit is great for treating indoors as well as outdoors to keep spiders and other insects out.  The produce in the kit, Temprid FX  is one of our best general use products and will take care of any pest issue that you have.  It is also safe to apply around children.  Just make sure they are out of the area while you are treating and they can re-enter once the product is dry which usually takes about 45 minutes.  The kit also comes with glueboards for monitoring indoor activity.

Answer last updated on: 06/24/2018

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