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L writes

What is the best way to use D-Force HPX Aerosol for bed bug control?

We live in an apartment building where many tenants seem to have a bedbug problem. Some have even been found in the laundry room. After eliminating the initial infestation, should we use D-Force again to prevent re infestation, and if so, how soon and/or often? We actually found two adults in our search with no visible excrement and no visible eggs after a thorough search of box springs, drawers and closets. Do you think it is necessary to do the whole apartment or will doing the bedroom suffice?


If you were to use one product for prevention and/or treatment of bed bugs, then we would recommend Bedlam.  It is our most popular product and it will kill adult bed bugs as well as bed bug eggs.  D-Force will not kill bed bug eggs, and there is a concern of bed bugs becoming resistant to D-Force.  If you have only found bed bugs in your bedroom then it would probably be OK to only treat that room, but if bed bugs were found all over different areas of the buildings, then you should treat the whole unit for adequate protection.  Also, if you have been sleeping on a couch instead of your room then you would want to treat the whole apartment.  You should use one of our Bed Bug Kits for optimal results.   Bedbug Control Video

Answer last updated on: 09/19/2009

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