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Andy from East Tn. writes

What is the correct amount for a soil drench application for an apple tree with a 6.5" trunk circumference?

Also is there a recommended application interval. My primary pest is the Japanese Beetle.


Merit 75 is labeled for both apple crops and Japanese Beetles, however the label is conflicting on if they can be used together . The label does not list Japanese Beetles on apple trees, only Aphids (except Wooly apple aphid) Leafhoppers (including glassy winged sharpshooter leafminer Mealybugs) and San Jose scale. For trees is is recommended to use .7 to 1.4 teaspoons per trunk diameter. You would use 2.3 - 4.5 tsp depending on the strength you are wanting to go. We would recommend you contact the manufacturer directly for reassurance since the label is confilcting. You can contact Bayer at 1-800-331-2867 for further assistance.

Answer last updated on: 07/18/2014

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