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Zee writes

What is the half life of Temprid SC Insecticide in plants and in soil?

The pest control company came and sprayed my patio areas along the walls and wooden fences, and the soil near the fence. Will my edible plants that were in the general vicinity need to be destroyed? He sprayed over some of the leaves of a branch of my pomegranate bush by accident. Will these be systemic and stay for years in the plant? Should I stop watering the area to prevent its spread? The yard is partial sun and we have very hot dry weather in the high 90s. Should I remove all plants from the area? Very concerned. Thanks!


Temprid SC Insecticide can  up to 5-7 years in the soil.  Anything edible that was sprayed would need to be discarded and not consumed.  If just the leaves were sprayed (no fruit/edibles) it would not be absorbed as a systemic throughout the plant and last.  Once the treated area has dried it will not move from the surface it was applied to and has up to 30 day residual.

Answer last updated on: 08/07/2019

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