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Paul from Provo, Ut writes

What is the mixing ratio for clover and dandelions using Mec Amine D 3-Way Broadleaf Herbicide?


Like most herbicides, there is not a specific amount of Mec Amine D 3-Way Broadleaf Herbicide needed per gallon of water, as water is only the carrier. The label states that for cool seasons grasses 1.1- 1.5 fl oz of product is used over 1,000 sq foot area. For warm season grasses the label states 0.75- 0.9 fl oz should be used in a 1,000 sq ft area. Your goal with herbicides is to get the recommended amount of product over the area to be treated as water is just the carrier. On average you will use between 1 and 2 gallons (could be up to 5 gallons) of water per 1000 sq/ft when applying herbicides and you will need to calibrate your sprayer to the output that best fits your yard and application rate for your turf. To calibrate your equipment, for example, a 1 gallon sprayer, mark off an area of 1,000 square feet, and cover that area at your normal pace as evenly as possible. If you used the entire gallon, you would use the recommended amount of product in 1 gallon of water. If it takes you more water to cover the area you would use the higher rate of product to ensure optimum results.

Answer last updated on: 05/17/2018

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