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Charlene from Newalla, Oklahoma 74857 writes

What is the rate of Dithiopyr 40 WSB for treating sandburs in a 15 gallon sprayer? What PPE is required for applicators?

I understand now this product is only for professional use the company that sold it to me knew I was a home owner I have to use it I have 2 20 ounce sealed containers and I big time problem with sandbur's the lable doesn't tell me and am now afraid of the stuff I bought a one piece coverall for spraying harmful liquids I have a new painters type of mask, goggles rubber boots and rubber long arm gloves trouble is I cannot find out how much Dithiopyr 40WSB to put in my new 15 gallon sprayer. PLEASE help me. I bought this mail order from a company in South Carolina that recommended it to me a couple years ago.


Dithiopyr 40 WSB is labeled for pre-emergent control sandbur and many other broadleaf and grassy weeds. The application rate is 0.46 oz per 1000 sq ft. If you do not know the total square footage of the lawn, measure off the area to determine how many sq ft you have and then determine how much water is needed to thoroughly and evenly cover the area to be treated. To determine how many sq ft the 15 gallon sprayer will cover, we recommend doing a mock application where you will fill the tank with plain water, and treat the lawn area just as you would to apply the Dithiopyr 40 WSB. Since water is the carrier, there is no set amount but typically 1 gallon of water per 1000 sq ft is standard.  For protective wear, the product label recommends applicators wear: Long-sleeved shirt and long pants, chemical-resistant gloves made of any waterproof material and shoes plus socks. 

Answer last updated on: 10/06/2022

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Dithiopyr 40 WSB

Dithiopyr 40 WSB

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