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Dan from Boerne, Tx writes

What is the spray duration for the two CO2 cartridges with the Airofog Benjamin Aerosol Generating Sprayer 16 oz?

Just using plain water to the indicated max fill line, what is the average estimated spray time for each size cartridge, or alternatively, how many of each CO2 cartridge size would it take to empty the container of plain water at the indicated max fill level? I.e., it takes 2 8g or 1 12g cartridge to do so. I know it can vary by ambient temperature, product mix viscosity, but just as a baseline for planning, a "WAG" on the consumption would help my planning and budgeting enormously! Thank you!


Per the manufacturer, they recommend using a 12g cartridge with the Airofog Benjamin Aerosol Generating Sprayer 16 oz. They recommend not filling the unit more than the groove mark at 16 oz, and a 12g cartridge will last enough to spray a full container.

Answer last updated on: 07/26/2020

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