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Julian from Calgary Alberta Canada writes

What is the target pest reaction after they eat Ramik Green?

After the pest eat this product what is their reaction?are they just die in the place they are?or stay in dark place where they hide?or they go outside before they die?


Ramik Green starts killing within 4 to 5 days after taking a lethal dose but it can take multiple feedings to get that lethal dose, depending on the size and age of the rodent that ingests the product.  Rodents are going to die wherever they die, this includes inside a home where you may not have access to remove the body so we do not recommend baiting inside.  For rodents inside it is best to use snap traps and glueboards so you can control where they are going to die.  You should also seal up all cracks and crevices outside that are allowing them access to inside.  Using tamper resistant bait stations with a rodenticide like Ramik outside would help if they are coming and going. We have some guides here that can help as well

Answer last updated on: 11/08/2020

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