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Cindy from Lumberton, Texas writes

What kind of IGR should I use with Demon WP to treat for carpet beetles?

I have a carpet beetle infestation and have just started using Demon WP today to help with this issue. Two exterminators have used their products in my home within the past 3 weeks. They claim to have used an IGR but now I'm concerned that I should also use an IGR now that I've taken over handling the exterminating. If so, which kind should I use in conjunction with the Demon WP?


Demon WP actually is not labeled to treat for carpet beetles indoors, but it will help to combat a variety of other pests listed on the product label. A great IGR for carpet beetles would be Gentrol IGR. You can mix this concentrate with an insecticide and apply them at the same time. A great choice for insecticide to use with Gentrol as a crack and crevice treatment would be Suspend SC, which is a liquid concentrate. Be sure to vacuum thoroughly and often when treating for carpet beetles to help pick up adults, eggs, and debris that they may feed on such as animal dander.

Answer last updated on: 03/16/2017

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