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Tom writes

What product should I use for prevention instead of what an exterminator uses?

I do not want to have to have a service contract with an exterminator, but I'd also rather not wait to see bugs in my house. They would spray stuff outside the house, and then inside the house. While I am sure they handed me something that said it, I am also sure its exterminator grade, and I can not buy it. Is there something you would recommend that I can spray the same way, as an amateur, or do you disagree with the preventative spraying?


We do carry and sell all of the same products professional pest control operators use. Unless you live in a restricted state, you can purchase and use the same products. (restricted states are listed on each individual product page on our site.) Talstar P would a great all around insecticide for you to use indoors and outdoors for preventative pest control. Talstar P kills over 75 different insect pests and has a long residual, so it keeps on killing pests for over three months after you have sprayed it. Plus, Talstar P is odorless, dries clear, leaves no stains, is non-irritating to the skin, and will not break down easily with rainfall. We also recommend that you use IPM or Integrated Pest Management to make the environment around your home unsuitable for insects. You can read more about IPM by reading our article : Integrated Pest Management IPM

Answer last updated on: 09/04/2010

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