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Cindy from Worcester Ma. writes

What should I use to control bumble bees?

Have a nest of these huge things somewhere in my shed wall or roof, last year just a few and didn't bother me, but this year if I even try to get near the shed like 20 of them swarm around my head to stop me....... do not know insects and cant afford an exterminator....... do I need to know where the nest is to kill them, or can I find a person who uses them for honey to come get them??????


You can locate local bee keepers by contacting your local cooperative extension office.  Many bee farmers will come remove honey bees free of charge because of the recent decline in the honey bee population. If this is not an option for you, you can use a hand duster to apply a dust product such as Tempo Dust into and around the area where the bees seem to be gaining access to your home. Over a period of a couple of days to a week (timeline will depend on how many bees are contacting the treated area) this will kill off the colony that has taken up residence in your home. Any insecticide applications should be done very early in the morning or very late in the evening when the bees are less active. After the bees have been eliminated it is important to remove the bee hive from the void where the bees were nesting. Failure to remove the hive can lead to mold issues and secondary infestation from hive beetles and other insects. If the bee hive is in an area that is not easily accessible you may want to consider hiring a professional pest control operator.

Answer last updated on: 05/12/2014

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