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Tonya writes

What should I use to treat crazy ants out in the yard?

When I sprayed the Demon WP on the outside, I sprayed about 5 feet from the house and in that area I only see a few ants now. The ants are all in my yard so bad that when you walk in the yard they just run all over your feet so we can't even be in the yard because they drive you crazy. Thank goodness they don't bite. We live on 2-1/2 acres, should I use the Demon WP or the Termidor SC and spray the whole yard? Also how often can I spray to get this under control?


Termidor SC cannot be sprayed over an entire yard. According to the Termidor SC product label, Termidor can only be applied on and within one foot of the structures foundation. Demon WP can be used to treat the crazy ant infestation in the yard. You should try to treat the colony or nesting site directly. Crazy Ant mounds are not readily visible above ground. Possible nesting sites for Crazy Ants include: soil beneath landscape timbers, logs, mulch firewood and other debris. Crazy Ants may also nest inside rotting wood and tree holes. You can read our article on crazy ants for more treatment information: How to Get Rid of Cray Ants

Answer last updated on: 08/01/2011

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