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Gerald from Dayton, Va writes

What should I use to treat for powder post beetles on a lumber stack?

I have several thousand board feet of hardwood (Oak, Hickory and Maple) on lumber stacks that have post powder beetles in them. This lumber has been air drying on strips for over two years at this point. I would like to treat with Boracare and restack not using the strips if possible. What are my best options for getting rid of the beetles and protecting the lumber at the same time? Can I simply lay out a layer of lumber and spray it a Boracare solution and immediately stack on the next layer and spray as I transfer from the strips to a dead stack? Also how much Boracare should I order per 1000 board feet? Thanks for your help.


Bora-Care would definitely be what you want to use.  You can lay the boards out, spray or paint on the Bora-Care solution, flip the board and treat the other side, and then stack it.  Should not be an issue.  How for the bora-care goes depends on the thickness of the wood.  Please see page 10 of the bora-care label.  Table A on page 10 will tell you how many lineal feet of board the bora-care will treat based on thickness. The table tells you how many lineal feet a DILUTED gallon will treat.  Since you mix Bora-Care 1 gallon to 1 gallon of water which makes 2 gallons of diluted solution, you will double the figure shown.  For instance, it says if you have 2 x 4 wood it will treat 600 lineal feet.  You will double this amount so you will be able to treat 1200 lineal feet of 2 x 4.

Answer last updated on: 08/23/2012

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