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Mrs from Sw Kansas writes

What variety are the clover in Pennington Rackmaster Durana White Clover seed?


There are three basic types of white clover:  Large (Regal), Intermediate (Durana), and Low Growing (Dutch).  The Pennington Rackmaster Durana White Clover is the intermediate type of white clover, with medium sized leaves and a thick leaf density from the top to the ground to help deter invasion of weeds.  It was specifically developed to tolerate acidic soils, endure under grazing stress, to tolerate situations with low management, and to aggressively compete with grasses and weeds.  Durana contains a high stolon density at 97 stolons per sq. ft. It is lime coated and pre inoculated for excellent nitrogen fixation and for making seeding easy.  It outlasts typical ladino clovers in plots and in soils that are good at holding moisture, Durana will prevail for years to come. Contains over 25% protein level and over 75% digestibility, Durana White Clover will make an superb pure stand or combo planting for any food plot to attract feed, and keep deer on the property.  You can read more about this product in the manufacturer's product information sheet, the how to sheet and food plots document.

Answer last updated on: 11/14/2021

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