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Joshuatree from Milford ,ct writes

What will happen to termites located up in the stud wall after application of Termidor around the house?

What happens to the termites that are already eating the studs in the wall of my house after application of Termidor around the perimeter of the house? I understand that Termidor works by termites ingesting it and rubbing it among the other termites which in turn kill the colony eventually, but what happens to the ones which are already in the studs up in the wall of the house? Should I not let the tunnels that they have made going up the walls be broken so I let the termites on the ground with Termidor go up the studs to affect the others with Termidor? I was told that after application of Termidor around the perimeter of the house, the ones up in the walls in the studs will eventually die because they are isolated from the colony, that termites can't live if they are isolated from the colony even if they have all the food (the studs).


Termites that are above the ground in the house when you perform an in ground Termidor treatment will die when they go back down to the ground.  Termites in your walls don't stay there.  Their job is to eat the wood, the colony's food, and then they take it back underground to feed the rest of the colony below the ground where the queen is.  The termites go up and down, up and down, up and down, every day.  So when you perform a liquid termite treatment, the termites that are below the surface that have not made it up into the house yet will take the Termidor on their bodies up into the house and spread it around to all the termites, and vice versa, any termites up in the walls heading down to take what they have eaten down to the queen and other colony members will have to go through the Termidor barrier you installed and they will become infected at that point as well.

Answer last updated on: 11/25/2011

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