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Mildred from Phillipsburg, Nj writes

What will kill bat bugs (not bed bugs)?

My daughter had a couple bats get into her bedroom. Now she has an invasion of bat bugs. She has tried everything but nothing will kill them. Can you help?


Bat bugs are treated very similar to bed bugs. Bats are their preferred host, but this does not negate them from humans. They do tend to come once the bats are gone because they are looking for a host. We would recommend using Temprid SC as a treatment for the rooms. You will mix 16 mL per gallon of water and treat in the room that has the bugs as well as all the surrounding rooms to prevent them from spreading. This will be applied with a pump sprayer. You will do this every 10-14 days until you do not see any activity for 30 days. We would also recommend using Cimexa Dust in the wall voids. You will do a couple of puffs per wall outlet and light plate with a hand duster. You will do this in all the wall voids of the home.

Answer last updated on: 10/18/2014

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