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Ryan from Fargo, Nd writes

What's an effective barrier to bedbugs in an apartment that abuts folks who simply don't care?

Moronic upstairs neighbors got some curb furniture 2 yrs ago; bedbugs all through a 10 unit in weeks. Landlord & pest cats used Tempo, I use Temprid fx rotated with Crossfire from y'all, still do... idiots evicted long back, but I'm still getting bugs in my bathroom, mostly found dead on the ceiling 3-5 days a week. Seldom see movement, as I use a RoundUp yard sprayer and paint the ceilings/walls 3 times a month, & Temprid good, Xfire great. Use yer Cimexa dust in outlets, switches & light fixtures/ceiling fan gaps. Is there a more effective barrier I could use, something containing an alarm pheromone maybe? My sweetie flips wig when she has bugs overhead; dead or not, ain't makin' me happy, either. Thanks so much for saving my sanity.


If you are in an apartment, then unfortunately you cannot control what is happening on the other side of the wall. The products you have mentioned are all top products in treating for bed bugs. Be sure that you are only treating for cracks and crevices as bed bugs stay in these areas. You should not treat all over walls, ceilings, or floors as that will be too much product applied and not in the most effective way. If there is any way to seal up any cracks that are allowing insects to enter your unit, that is the best permanent solution while you are still there. There is not any kind of pheromone spray that is available for bed bug treatment. You can read more tips in our Bed Bug Treatment Guide here.

Answer last updated on: 01/08/2020

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