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Miles from Statham writes

What’s the flow or application rateof Chapin Pro Series 4 Gallon Backpack (#61800)?

Is there a gallons per second rating or something similar for this sprayer? Or how do I determine how much product is being applied per 1000 square feet for something like dimension herbicide?


The Chapin Pro Series 4 Gallon Backpack (#61800) is hand pump, not battery or engine operated, so there is not a set volume of product per seconds when using this type of equipment. The speed at which the product comes out will partially be determined by your ability to pump it up and create pressure in the tank. In general, you would mark off about 1000 sq/ft of area in your yard and spray with just water in your tank and walk as normal across this section. However much water you used during this is how much you will know you use per 1000 sq/ft going forward with applications based on your walking speed and what you feel sufficient coverage is for your treated surfaces. On average you will use about 2 gallons of water per 1000 sq/ft for a pre emergent application, but you may find you use a little less or more. You can view our video on How to Calibrate your Sprayer to see this explained further. 

Answer last updated on: 03/01/2021

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