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Doug from Lancaster, Pa writes

What's trenching and rodding?

When I purchased the product, I intended to trench around the house and apply the product. Then I read on the product packaging about trenching and rodding. What is that, and when is it necessary? I live in a split level. Half of the house is on a slab, and half has a basement. Would trenching all the way around be sufficient?


Rodding is a technique many companies use to get the Termidor deeper in the ground than the normal 6 inch trench that you should dig.  Many homeowners that decide to treat themselves do not do the rodding part, but if you can rod then of course is better than not doing it at all.  Basically, after you dig your 6 inch deep trench, you would take a "rod", or a piece of rebar, metal, anything that you can make an additional hole in the bottom of the trench every 12 inches apart.  You can hammer or push your "rod" into the soil every 12 inches apart and try to get a couple of feet deeper.  When you pour the 4 gallons per 10 lineal feet into the trench, the rod holes will allow the Termidor to quickly get that much deeper and provide a little extra protection.  Even when this is not done though, Termidor will still provide you with the best form of protection money can buy.

Answer last updated on: 01/21/2012

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