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Mark from Charleston, Sc writes

When to apply mole cricket control?

I believe I have an issue with mole crickets. There are smaller (about 1 inch to 1 1/2 inch wide) tunnels running through an area that is lower than the rest of the yard, and has lots of dead grass. I have been reading that one wants to apply a mole cricket treatment to kill the nymphs/younger mole crickets, but I'm not sure about timing. The weather in my area is in the south, and it varies a tremendous amount. 75 at the highest, and 40 or so at night. Any tips? What would you guys suggest? Should I use Talstar?


Talstar would be a great product to use for mole crickets and gives complete instructions on the product label for timing on the different stages though

Answer last updated on: 03/01/2017

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