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Jeff from Santa Rosa, California writes

When using Bora-Care on a deck will rain wash it away? Will it last? How long should I give it to dry? I have borer beetle deck infestation.

Plan on applying Bora care in June, typically rains start in Nov, will product penetrate and dry by then?


Boracare can certainly be applied to a deck and it lasts for the life of the wood if it is not exposed to rain, continuous water or ground contact. The amount of time Boracare lasts in the wood will depend upon those factors. In your case, we would recommend using a sealant of some kind after the application of Boracare. Do not expose treated exterior wood surfaces to rain or snow for at least 48 hours after treatment. For longer performance, exterior wood surfaces will require a topcoating with a water-resistant finish such as paint or exterior stain. Apply within 6 weeks of treatment. Boracare must dry completely (at least 48 hours) before applying any protective topcoat. If there is a current infestation, you will do a 1:1 application of Boracare. If this is just for preventative measure, you will do 5:1 application. Make sure the water is very hot when you are spraying it.

Answer last updated on: 06/14/2018

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