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Jay from Savannah, Ga writes

Which one first, iron, fertilizer, or Bifen?

I need to throw down my first app of fert on my lawn but also need to foliar spray iron, and spray insecticide. Which one should I do first? My thoughts are spray iron, wait 3 days or so then the fert and insecticide.


Most of the time you can apply all of those types of products together and apply them at or around the same time as long as all the product labels of the tiems you are using allow tank mixing and/or advise against using with other products.

While it shouldn't harm a yard to do this, and many companies will apply multiple products together, separating the sprays even by a little can be easier on the lawn health. Your 3 day wait time between the fertilizer and iron and then Bifen would be fine to do.

Answer last updated on: 03/22/2020

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