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Eva from Shell Lake, Wi writes

Why am I not attracting rats to my Protecta EVO Express Bait Station?

We ordered 4 stations and I placed them about 5 days ago. I checked them yesterday and there has hardly been any bait eaten. I have seen the rats, so I know they are still around. Why aren't they eating the bait?


It is possible that the rats are not attracted to the bait you are using because there is another food source available to them. We would recommend removing any type of food items (pet food possibly) and/or moving trash to another area.  If there are other food sources around, they will continue to go to those sources and avoid the rodenticide.  Be sure you’re not handling the blocks or the Protecta EVO Express Bait Station with your bare hands, leaving behind your scent on these items will deter rodents from entering the stations and feeding on the bait.  Ensure you have fresh bait readily available for the rodents.  If baits become stale, moldy, wet, etc, it will no longer be attractive to the rodents.  Lastly, rodents, rats especially, are very hesitant to check out new objects in their areas.  You should bait the stations and leave them alone for a couple of weeks to allow the rodents to become used to it being there, and eventually they will become curious enough to begin to check it out.

Answer last updated on: 09/06/2019

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