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Brian from Avilla, Indiana writes

Why Spider Control Kit product instead of Suspend SC for spider control?

Mainly wolf spiders, but have found quite a few brown recluse as well to my surprise and fear...I've got small children. Called in an exterminator, who used Suspend SC. He also bombed the attic and unfinished basement and garage. I want to continue with my own continued control tactics, but want to use the correct/best stuff. He said I couldn't buy the stuff he uses...but Suspend SC is for sale on this website without me having to be a licensed exterminator? Was he lying to me or is this different that what the pros can buy?


You are allowed to purchase Suspend SC (and any other professional product on our website) as long as you use it for personal use and you do not use it to treat other peoples' property for profit. All of the products we sell are the exact same products the professionals use. In fact, we sell to both professionals and consumers. Suspend SC does work pretty well for spiders but we recommend Cyper WP because it has a faster knockdown and a longer lasting residual. The downside to using Cyper WP is that it can leave a white powdery residue behind on dark surfaces which is why many pros hesitate to use it.

Answer last updated on: 10/13/2011

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Spider Control Kit

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