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Chris from Weatherford writes

Will Bifen I/T kill Bermuda Stunt Mites? What is the dilution rate recommended?

We have hybrid bermuda grass in our yard. We live in Texas and have had an extremely wet month, over 10" of rain in 3 weeks. Went to the county extension agent with our problems. Turns out we have an issue with fungus( leaf spot) as well as Bermuda Stunt Mites. HELP !!!! The rain is now gone, it is hot and excessively humid now, 90+ with heat indexes of 100. What do you recomend?


Bifen IT is not labeled for Bermuda mites (eriophyid mite) but we would advise to consider a product like Triple Crown T&O Insecticide. Triple Crown T & O Insecticide is specifically labeled for the Eriophyid Mite and applied at 7.5 fl oz per 100 gallons of water (0.07 fl oz per gallon of water). Per the MITES footnote on page 5 of the product label, to ensure optimal control of eriophyid mites, apply in combination with the labeled application rate of a surfactant. A second application, five to seven days after the first, may be necessary to achieve acceptable control

Answer last updated on: 06/11/2021

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