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To from Los Angeles, Ca writes

Will boric acid work for treating termites?

The ceilings in my house are all wood. I read that boric acid is a non toxic way to treat termites, and that it's efficacy will last forever if left undisturbed. However, in your product description, termites are not included as a "Target Pest".


Boric Acid dust is not a good way to treat wood.  You may be referring to Timbor, which is a boric acid dust that you mix with water and apply on wood.  However, Timbor will leave a white residue on wood.  Also it can only be applied to raw wood, it cannot be applied to any wood that is painted, stained, or sealed.  The best wood treatment product is called Bora-Care.  It will stay in the wood forever, and dries clear, but you still can only apply it to raw wood that is not painted or treated.

Answer last updated on: 09/27/2011

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