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Skip from Beeville, Texas writes

Will can still empty if turned on its side?

I need to fog a very tight crawl space for fleas. There's only about 8" between the dirt and the underside of the joists. House has settled (70 years old) and dirt under it is higher than lawn outside. Can get fogger into area after activating by attaching to a long pole but fogging straight up will just result in a wet spot on the underside of the joists. Will having the can on its side still result in total emptying? If not, do you have a flea product that does have this capability? Thanks


You should only use a fogger if you can activate it with the can upright. There is a lot of pressure in the cans, and there is risk of injury to yourself or the property if they are not used properly. You would want to use products such as those in our Outdoor Flea Kit to treat for fleas. You should also look for signs of rodent or other animal activity that may be moving the fleas around, and seal up access these animals may have to the crawl space.

Answer last updated on: 05/10/2015

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