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Chris from Lebanon, Indiana writes

Will Crossbow Herbicide control horsetail?

You state that Crossbow is labeled for horsetails. Then in parenthesis you list horseweed and marestail. Horseweed and marestail are completely different species than horsetail(rush). I do not read in your label for Crossbow anything about controlling horsetail (rush). I have heard from other sources that it is somewhat effective in control. Does Crossbow control Horsetail, scouring rush? And if so, can it be added to the label?


We do not see any listings on our website or the product label of Crossbow Herbicide that say it controls horsetails. The Crossbow Herbicide label does list annual maristail horseweed as a target weed species, however it does not list horsetail. Please be aware that we are not a manufacturer; we are a distributor and have no control over what information is on a product label. (Labels are developed by the manufacturers and must be approved by the EPA.) You may contact Dow AgroSciences at 800-992-5994 for additional assistance.  We do sell products that are labeled for horsetail specifically, the most popular is Sedgehammer Herbicide. Please review the product label to be sure it is suitable for your needs.

Answer last updated on: 10/10/2015

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