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Lisa writes

Will Cynoff WP kill cicada killer wasps?

(Please do not try to dissuade me, I don't care that they are non aggressive and I have been told that they don't attack. Not interested in living with them. Do not know exactly where nest is, will have to spray under porch area blindly. Is this the product to use? Also, does the Eco PCO Jet X can kill cicada killers?


You are right, cicada killers are not known to sting and they are a very beneficial insect that kills other insects. Cynoff WP will kill cicada killers but you must treat each individual hole as these insects are solitary and do not live in the same nest. Eco PCO Jet X will kill just about any flying insect if they are hit with a direct spray. (Eco PCO Jet X is not currently available. We recommend Wasp Freeze as an alternative.)

Answer last updated on: 06/16/2010

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