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Phyllis writes

Will DeltaGard G Granules kill Harvest Mite Larvae (chiggers) in my yard?

What is the appropriate schedule to apply the treatment to kill chiggers? Also I have a raised ornamental fish pond which is on a patio about 6 feet away from the lawn. Would Bifen Granules be safe for my fish if the granules do not come in contact with the water?


Bifen granules are not labeled to treat chiggers. The only granule we carry that has chiggers on the label is DeltaGard G Granules.  DeltaGard G Granules come in a 20 lb bag and treatment for chiggers requires 2-3lbs per 1000 square feet.  However, any type of insecticide, liquid or granule, is very toxic to fish.  We would not recommend applying any type of product near a fish pond.  Even run off from the surface where you apply a product can be extremely deadly to fish.

Answer last updated on: 05/10/2010

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