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Kurt from Lumberton, Tx writes

Will Demand G Granules work against wolf spiders?

If not, any recommendations?


Granules such as Demand G Granules generally are not labeled to control spiders such as wolf spiders, so we would not recommend this as a direct treatment for spiders. Granules are applied to the lawn and landscape areas and then watered in, so most of the active ingredient is down in near or in the thatch and soil where spiders won't really contact it. This can certainly help to control some of the insects that the spiders may be hunting, however it is not likely to affect spiders that have already made their homes on or in the structure. We would suggest a liquid concentrate for use around the perimeter of the structure and in areas where spiders are likely to gather, such as Suspend Polyzone. Polyzone has a unique polymer formulation that protects the active ingredient from weathering and keeps it accessible to target pests on porous surfaces. Please take a few moments to review our Spider Treatment and General Pest Prevention articles for more tips about the non-chemical steps that are important in reducing spider populations.

Answer last updated on: 01/27/2017

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