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Colleen from Van Nuys, Ca writes

Will ExciteR Insecticide kill the moth larvae in my wool oriental rugs? Do I spray them outside?

Do I have to wear a mask? Should I use the catch trap also? Will I have to spray often? I think I got all of the adults and I bagged all my clothes and put them outside until I can wash them tomorrow. I am heartbroken over the damage to my rugs.


ExciteR will eliminate most insects when they are sprayed directly with the product. ExciteR can be sprayed indoors but all people (except for the applicator) and pets will need to be out of the area while you are doing the application and they can return as soon as the area is dry. You will only need to wear a mask if you are spraying in a poorly ventilated area. Using the Clothing Moth Traps can help you catch any of the adult male moths that are lingering indoors and they can help you monitor the infestation. Be sure to thoroughly vacuum the rugs frequently to help remove eggs and larva as they emerge from the eggs.

Answer last updated on: 10/31/2011

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