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Dolores from Houston, Texas writes

Will Ferti-lome Weed Free Zone still be effective if I mowed on Saturday and sprayed it the next day?

Will this product still be somewhat affective and is it harmful to toddler playing on grass. My dog likes eating grass, will it harm my pet?


Fertilome Weed Free Zone is effective on a variety of broadleaf weeds. We recommend reviewing the product label to ensure it will kill the weeds you are dealing with. In order for the product to be safe, we recommend keeping children and pets out of the area while making an application and let it all completely dry before letting them back outside to play. Once dry it is safe, but like humans, pets can react/become sensitive to different things, we recommend keeping an eye on your pet and consulting your vet if needed. You can reapply Weed Free Zone after 30 days if needed for additional weed control. Going forward, do not mow within 2 days of your herbicide application for best results and the best safety on your turfgrass.

Answer last updated on: 02/08/2021

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