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Kerry from Fl writes

Will Flatline Soft Bait Rodenticide kill rats and mice in my palm trees?


Yes, the Flatline Soft Bait Rodenticide can be used to for rodent control in and around landscape beds, bushes, trees, etc. When baiting outdoors with rodenticides, the manufacturers product label states to use bait in tampe resistant bait stations to keep kids and non target animals such as dogs, cats, and other wildlife from accessing the bait. A very popular bait station is the JT Eaton 902 Top Loader Bait Station as this versatile bait station can be mounted to tree limbs. The tubular shape of the station provides two entry holes for rodents on either side, while the top tube with the secure lid is used to place bait down in the center of the station. 

Answer last updated on: 04/15/2021

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