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Andre from Ft Worth, Texas writes

Will Image Kills Nutsedge Concentrate kill Dallisgrass?

My yard is over run by dallisgrass and I'm looking for a good treatment to start.


Image Kills Nutsedge Concentrate is not labeled to treat dallisgrass.  There are several products that will suppress Dallisgrass. When an herbicide lists that it will "suppress" a weed rather than "control" it, it just means that the research provided from testing did not kill a high enough percentage of the weed in one application to receive a "control" approval, which is usually higher than at least 80 percent. So usually it means you need multiple applications and/or other cultural or chemical treatments to completely eradicate the weed. Dallisgrass is a weed that is notoriously difficult to eradicate quickly once it is established. The best option, once it has emerged, is to either spot spray with something like Round Up Quick Pro and re-seed.

Answer last updated on: 07/26/2019

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