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Maggie from Ca writes

Will Merit Granules kill springtails to only the products mentioned, can I put Bifen granules on top of Merit?

I have brand new sod, and a new pool that now has thousands of springtails in it!! I have never noticed them here before, but I now have a serious infestation. I use dishwashing liquid to the springtails in the pool but news ones are back in a couple of hours. I have just treated with Merit. Do I need to add anything else?


Merit is not labeled for springtails so we cannot say for sure that it will help control this pest. The most often used product for springatils is Talstar P. Springtails indicate that there is a moisture issue because they breed under slabs or in leaf litter where a moisture issue may exist.  Typically, pesticides alone will not take care of a springtail problem.  You will be required to fix whatever moisture issue is causing the problem.  You should read our "How To Get Rid of Springtails" article for further information.

Answer last updated on: 06/26/2012

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