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Chris from Wichita writes

Will Monterey Spurge Power kill toothed spurge?

The label only states spurge. There are several varieties of spurge. I'm particularly interested in if this will kill toothed spurge as a 3 way killer, such as trimec classic, won't touch it. It will kill the common spotted or prostrate spurge. Will the higher concentration of the two chemicals, that is also in trimec with a lower percentage than spurge power, kill toothed spurge?


Unfortunately, there are few options for post emergent control of Toothed Spurge and even using a non selective such as glyphosate at the highest rates have shown to be ineffective. The only product we can recommend would be Dismiss South Herbicide as it lists annual spurge (toothed spurge) as well as the other two common varieties, prostrate and spotted spurge. Repeat applications may be required and full control is not guaranteed. 

One of the most common ways to deal with this weed in your gardens is to mulch the infested area, which prevents light from reaching their seedlings and seeds, depriving them of food before they can make it for themselves. Applying mulch that is 3 to 4 inches deep is typically affective.

Contact your Master Gardener with the Cooperative Extension Office for recommendations shown to be effective for this weed in your region. 


Answer last updated on: 09/12/2021

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