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Jill from Texas writes

Will overspray Of KillzAll hurt heirloom specialty day lilies when using high concentrate to kill horse nettle?

I have horse nettle, Solanum Carolinense, growing rampant taking over flowerbeds with heirloom specialty day lilies (mostly) and other flowers. I've tried killing it over and over again with various products. It won't die. lol. I found a website which suggested 'I have had the best luck by waiting until they have grown fairly large in July and then painting all the leaves with a 50-50 mixture of glyphosate and water. By late August smaller Horse nettle plants will root-sprout, that is when I give them another treatment. After a few years most of these nettles have disappeared.' They are so thick that I would rather spray with a hand sprayer but am very concerned about the possible effects on the lilies, especially at the 50-50 mixture which is apparently necessary to kill this evil plant (what we called it for the last 12+ years before Google helped to identify it). I've looked at a bunch of websites and none of them list lily as being killed by Glyphosate, but how do I know it's an inclusive list?


KillzAll Weed and Grass Killer is labeled to control Horsenettle but should not be used any stronger than as directed on the product label. Use 2.5 oz. Killzall per gallon of water. It will pretty much kill anything it is applied to, and any drift or overspray could harm other plants that are contacted. Glyphosate is a non-selective herbicide, so any product containing this active ingredient will affect any plants that are sprayed with it.

Answer last updated on: 07/27/2015

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