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Jan writes

Will Premise penetrate wood and protect against termites?

I have been told by a pest control company that Premise will penetrate untreated wood, up to 1/8th of an inch, enhancing its exposure to termite infestations within post, beam, or stud. Can you corroborate this? Or is this an inaccurate claim?


I do not believe that is accurate.  Premise Termiticide is a soil treatment meant to be placed into the ground.  It will last for 5 - 7 years when placed correctly into the soil.  Although you could spray wood with Premise and it may penetrate slightly into the wood and kill termites if they were present, Premise will not last long term on wood because it is not meant to.  There is a product made for wood treatment that will pentrate through the entire piece of wood and remain in the wood and protect it forever, and it is called Bora-Care.  It is very popular and widely used by pest control professionals.  If the company you speak of was going to go through the trouble of spraying the wood anyways then they should use Bora-Care.

Answer last updated on: 01/06/2010

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